Member Billing

Membership Payments

How smart is automating how members pay their bills? Well.... there is a GREAT benefit to giving members options on how they pay their bills. As competition for your member's dollar and attention has increased, clubs have been loosening up on how they accept payment as a heightened member service. Today we see clubs getting very flexible and creative. Some options include Bank Draft and Credit Cards for either ePayment through a secure, password protected website or a batch processing with records kept at the club.

Reward Your Members, Increase Your Foot Traffic

Jonas' promotion has me thinking of an article I published in the TTA Update several months ago. Below is that article on the importance of rewarding your membership and some ideas on how to accomplish this.

A strategic, well thought out loyalty program can have a tremendous impact of member club usage, satisfaction, and retention. Reward and entice your members for their participation and spending at your club. Jonas has a flexible loyalty system that when paired with the Cash (or Gift) Card module will draw your members back to the club.

Loyalty Programs

Magnetic Cards... Good for member cards, Gift Cards, etc.

More and more clubs are requesting information on magnetic cards. Surprisingly, many of the requests I'm receiving is from conservative, staid clubs. The conversation usually begins with with the need for identification at the fitness or pool area but these little gems can do so much more: member identification within your building, speed up POS processing, assign a cash value for Gift Cards, employee identification, clocking in purposes, and the list goes on as clubs become more creative.

PrePaid Services (Lessons, classes, spa sessions, flights of wine, etc.)

The Prepaid Services module provides an integrated solution for managing the advanced purchase of services at your club. These can include anything from personal training sessions to lessons, classes and spa sessions. Integrated with your Point Of Sale and Club Management systems, Jonas Prepaid Services ensures an accurate flow of information and enables General Ledger postings based on sales and redemptions. Jonas Prepaid Services allows you to:


Business Intelligence - Task Automation...

Sit back, relax... let your club management system atomically send out delinquency emails on the 10th of the month. Or, how about a sales report for this month magically appearing in your inbox every Monday morning? Or, members who dined in your restaurant or played a round of golf last week receive a thank you email and offer to come back later this week.

Processing Member Payments Internally

Jonas has a great system for keeping control of when and how member account payments are made. This module is called the PreAuthorized Payment (PAP) module.

Payment Plans Made Easy: Initiations, Assessments, etc

One of the ways today’s clubs are finding attractive ways to encourage members to join their club is to offer flexible or innovative types of initiation programs much to the exasperation of the club’s accounting department. Never fear – Jonas has a tool that will come to your club’s aide in implementing, tracking, and billing your new members.

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